ETF Mining Haul Trains are the answer to the demand for even larger payloads than current Ultra-Class Trucks offer. 

The innovative design results in the lowest cost per ton in the industry.


  • Payloads from 309 to 3968 US tons (280-3600 metric tons) 
  • Huge operator cost savings
  • In-pit loading and hauling even in very wet and slippery conditions
  • No haulage distance limitations as with current Large Haul Trucks


    ETF Mining Haul Train

    ETF Mining Haul train


    Unique to ETF, each truck irrespective of capacity can operate together with others of the same capacity as a ‘Haul Train’ two; three, four or more individual trucks can easily be linked together using a steel arm carrying an enclosed armoured data cable within its structure. Information data from the first operator controlled truck is transmitted via the link arm to the following trucks guiding and controlling all important operating functions like engine power, steering direction and brakes, just as if each unit had separate operators following each other.


    The real operational advantage soon becomes very obvious, for every train there is just one operator, so as unit numbers increase payload capacity go ‘up’ while operator costs come ‘down’. Each haul train features ‘side dumping’ capability, each truck can dump individually or together at the same time at the dump area and crusher. 

    If for any reason the mine plan should change requiring fewer units in the train each truck unit can be de-coupled, allowing each truck to operate independently. This unique configuration provides a mine wishing to increase operating capacity simply by increasing the number of trucks in the train.


  • ETF Mining Haul Trains can be used on the same roads where current Large Haul Trucks are operating with existing haul road profiles and bend radius. Side-tippers are standard.


     All ETF Trucks can be configured into Haul trains



    Haul Train with 3600 Metric tonnes payload



    3600 Metric Tonnes simultaneous dumped.  Individual dumping also possible

    Tyre problems solved:

    Tyre scrub comparisonOne of the biggest limitations of current haul trucks are the tyres more importantly maintaining their condition. All ETF truck and train combinations are equipped with a Central Tyre Inflation System which keeps the tyre pressure correct at all times and in all operating conditions.If for example very soft surface conditions might require a lower inflation pressure then this can be set for all the tyres, then later if conditions change the standard pressure can quickly be re-set.


    In case of a flat tyre, the operator receives a message on his cab display and the affected axle is automatically lifted to prevent total-loss of the tyre or structural damage to the suspension. While a conventional two axle 6 tyre truck would have to suspend production dump its load and then be towed to the workshop, the ETF truck can maintain full operation with one axle line lifted. During empty hauling 40% of the tyres are automatically lifted to reduce tyre costs. The tyre size used 24.00R35 is also easier to obtain and far less expensive than the large 63in sizes required by Ultra Class Trucks.


    Compared with Ultra-Class Trucks the tyre costs are more than 45  % lower!


    Enhanced steering

    enhanced steering All ETF trucks have All-Wheel-Steering therefore achieving a very short turning radius. In single lane use just 9.8 m (32 ft) wide road would be sufficient for a Haul Train with HT-218 trucks. (payload 218 US tons each) For a 180 degrees turn only 34.8 meters (114 ft) is needed.


    Higher Technical Availability

    One way ETF obtains an extremely high technical availability percentage is by exchanging components instead of repairing it on the vehicle. This means that the Haul Train can continue operating and the repairs of the components can then be completed in the workshop. Tyres and Power Modules can be changed in 15 minutes; ETF can keep stock levels of spare parts very low while always ensuring the right component is available.


    Higher Utilization

    Downtime for checking tyre pressures, topping up of lubricants and cleaning lamps and mirrors are tasks of the past. Now all is completed automatically during operation.  Absolutely no loss of production in very wet slippery conditions, while conventional trucks would be parked until conditions improved the fully integrated All-Wheel-Drive and ABS braking system fitted to the ETF maintains full time operation of the fleet.


    ETF Haul Train driving 

    ETF Haul Train controlled by one operator!



    ETF Haul Train in simultaneous tipping action



    Collision accidents will be considerably reduced because there are fewer drivers on the road.

    Haul Trains are equipped as standard with:

    • ABS brakes and Traction Control on all wheels resulting in superb traction and steering on slippery roads. No jack-kniving
    • Sleep Deterrent System.
    • Collision Avoidance System.
    • 5 Camera's; reverse, mirror, forward and a roof-mounted loading camera. 
    • 5 Dual Range Radars & 2 Velocity Radars.
    • Enhanced lighting.
    • Enhanced Ergonomics and HVAC system.


    This is all done to reduce fatigue and make the driving of the Large Haul Trains easier and safer.


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    ETF Haul Trains: the lowest cost per ton in the industry!



    Mining haul train in open pit


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