Current large haul trucks have a limited suspension travel resulting in extreme forces on the main frame. ETF developed a special hydro-pneumatic suspension system which compensates the vehicle weight between individual axle-lines. The extreme long suspension travel of 950 mm protects the main frame from road and loading impacts. The system has the standard feature of automatic stabilizing during tipping. Over-rolling during tipping is practically impossible. Another feature of the suspension is a better stability at negotiating curves resulting in higher permissible speeds and thus shorter trip times. The wheels always stay in contact with the road surface for optimal traction.


Extreme long suspension travel of 950 mm 


Oscillating axles


 Oscillating axles features



Oscillating axles 10 degrees both ways  ensures equal tyre loading, optimal traction, reduces spillage and almost eliminating the chassis torsion.


Extreme long suspension travel


ETF wheel travel

            600 mm wheel travel out                            Normal driving height                            350 mm wheel travel in 


                                                                             Total wheel travel 950 mm 


Superb Truck Stability

ETF is setting new standards in mining haulage. Stability issues with conventional Large Haul Trucks such as body swaying and frame racking are now issues of the past. Haul road maintenance is not as critical as it is essential operating conventional truck fleets. Undulation on haul roads and loading impacts are absorbed by the advanced hydro-pneumatic suspension/oscillating axle combination engineered into ETF Mining Trucks and Haul Trains. Operator comfort and safety considerations are now the best in the industry.


ETF's Superb truck stability vs. competition  


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