ETF developed a new and innovative Mining truck range which combines the features of Large Haul Trucks and Articulated Dump Trucks. Because of the All-Wheel-Drive/All-Wheel-Steering capability, ETF trucks can operate in both Off-Highway and Off-Road conditions. Production delays due to slippery roads during heavy rain or snow are events consigned to the past. 


MT-240 Mining Truck on empty haul in action



  • Modular Design
  • All-Wheel-Drive 
  • All-Wheel-Steering
  • Four demountable Power-Modules 
  • Automatic lifting of axles during empty haul to reduce tyre wear
  • Fast Component change; 15 minutes for Tyre, Power-Module and Cabin. Complete Axle-Group in 25 minutes!
  • 95 % technical availability during full Life Cycle
  • Higher Utilization 
  • Safer by design
  • Environmentally friendly


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Increased Utilization During Bad Weather













Superb performance on slippery roads

Superb Truck Stability

ETF is setting new standards in mining haulage. Stability issues with conventional Large Haul Trucks such as body swaying and frame cracking are now issues of the past. Haul road maintenance is not as critical as it is essential operating conventional truck fleets. Undulation on haul roads and loading impacts are absorbed by the advanced hydro-pneumatic suspension/oscillating axle combination engineered into ETF Mining Trucks and Haul Trains. Operator comfort and safety considerations are now the best in the industry.


ETF's Unique truck stability vs. competition; almost eliminating body swaying and frame torsion!





All truck types can be supplied in Haul Train Configuration and have:


       All-Wheel-Drive, ABS & Traction Control


       Same Engines

       Same Tires   (24.00R35 ***)

       Same Width  (7.6 m)

       Same Height (6.9 m)



 ETF Mining truck during tipping


Full turning circle of ETF  MT-240 Mining Truck

Extreme long suspension travel of 950mm


Mining truck at sundown

MT-240 Mining Truck at sunset


MT-500 Mining Truck

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